Residential Laundry

Domestic Laundry Service to the Norfolk Area

We provide a pay as you go Domestic Laundry Service. No contracts and use as often as you need. Pick up and drop off can be once a week or up to seven times a week, it’s up to you.

We meet or exceed Industry Standards with a team that is committed to providing you with a quality service.

Your laundry and linen are bagged and tagged for complete inventory control. From pick up to drop off, your inventory is kept separate from our other clients.

Our Domestic Laundry Service includes:
  • FREE pick up and drop off within a 15 mile radius of Norwich City Centre
  • Competitive rates outside the 15 mile free radius
  • All items hung or folded
  • Your fresh laundry will be returned within 48 hours
Preparing your laundry for pick up:
  • Make sure you do not have any delicates or dry cleaning items mixed in with your regular laundry
  • Please make sure pockets are empty
  • You should treat stains promptly. Try soaking the stain or use a stain remover as per the garment manufactures instruction. We also will pretreat stains. Once a stain dries, it’s hard to remove!